Monday, June 07, 2004

final pre-event meeting

Yes, we are on our way... all the things this bike club stands for come together in one grand event. The time/space continuum is temporarily irrelevent. (Gravity remains, however. It should perhaps be moved to the agenda for next year's event that gravity be suspended as well... Yes, I realize it's a dangerous path, deciding to alter basic understood notions about the universe... but what are we as a Klub if we don't dream big? Friction? Free beer from the other FGBC? Jonny?)

So, transportation was somewhat arranged... dogs on Saturday eve will be supplied and figured into the per person cost of the event along with camping... let me put some of these things into a bit of a list...
  • the event is this weekend. We're camping at Caddy Lake. (I thought it might be good to start with the basics.)
  • we have three sites, and are allowed two tents on each site. so bring some of those.
  • Saturday supper is the traditional dogfest. Penner and I will supply dogs, buns and condiments (mustard, ketchup, relish, rooster sauce)
    • it would be very good if people would bring dog sticks if they have them

  • everything else to be brought, you need to bring on your own or with a group.
  • one item we did not discuss, which might be worth mentioning or discussing in the comments is the nature of lunch. Should we plan for lunches away from the campsite as per last year?
  • other useful items, this is now just as reminder
    • tarps and rope
    • chairs
    • beverage
    • lots of water... if the water's as bad as West Hawk was
    • firewood if you have, it's often pricey close to campgrounds

  • Jonny G and Unger stepped up as interim tech directors, and will bring any and all tools they have. bring your own tube if you can...

Once there is a bit of clarity on the lunch scenario, perhaps I'll send a group email reiterating some of these details.

Start the countdown.

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