Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Minutes, sort of...

The big news: eight attendees on a couple hours notice, eight attendees all arriving on bike!

Is there anything more to say? This whole silly business is getting a little serious...

Present: Juan, Unger, Jonny G, President, Secretary, Bergen, Hal, Dr. Hubie.

The other important news is the date for a potential fall ride: October 9. Yes, the Saturday of the Thanksgiving Long weekend. Seemed to be the best chance of decent attendance. Everyone now needs to check their calendars and more importantly, check in with the family plans, or explain why the FGBC is more important than the family plans. (perhaps we could have an open brainstorming session in the comments section to help those who a) aren't as creatively gifted, and b) will have a significant "discussion" on their hands.)

A good deal more information was shared about the Ingolf ride that was mentioned in the last post. Jonny S apparently claims something to the effect that discovering the new trails was as exciting as going into DisneyLand when you thought the parking lot was awesome... (someone else may need to sharpen the delivery of that line.)

One fine story that surfaced from Hal's riding recently was how his friend Gord F. bust his derailleur hanger, so the Loewen boys helped him turn it into a temporary single speed... while experiencing some trouble with the chain not staying on the right ring in the back, he managed to get his hand jammed in between the chain and the teeth of the back chainrings... ouch.

While there may have been other good stuff, it's been forgotten by now...

Oh yes, it sounds like next Tuesday might be a dog fest at Juan Eppstein's. Stay tuned for confirmation on this.

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