Tuesday, October 12, 2004

minutes, oct. 12

Present: Dr. Hubie, Vic P, James, Hal, Penner, Juan Eppstein, Secretary

There is reason to believe that James was burgled this evening.... had $15 plus a MasterCard starting the evening, by the time he was trying to pay for his beverage, and had a massive stack of wallet contents spread out, the aforementioned items were not to be seen...

It seems the ride at Tinker Creek will be on this Saturday. An unfortunate turn in the calendar for this reporter... but it seems it will work out for many. Watch this space in the next days for more details from Hal, our liason.

Question on Jonny G's whereabouts... third missed meeting in a row. At first he was proclaimed out of the club by one member, then it got worse... he was moved to "Luke status". Finally, cooler heads prevailed, and the six-pack rule was brought back, retroactively. A six for every unexcused absence. The total is now at three.

Hal is now in charge of the fundraising bonspiel to raise money for the new jerseys. The, well, rather pointed question was launched on how this was going to be a fundraiser.... stunned silence revealed a thin spot in the plans.... one suggestion was brought forth: charge each FGBC member enough to cover the cost of the ice plus $50 to be in the spiel, then everyone attending wins a jersey from the collected pot. There, the funds are raised.

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the secretary said...

Apparently James is not the only one who was burgled... regular attendee at the F&H, Bill N, had a couple hundred $$ spent on his card by the end of yesterday evening. Someone else lost $100... it was a fairly comprehensive clean-out. I'm glad I had my wallet in the car.

We never doubted your knowing the whereabouts of your cards, etc, James...