Friday, January 14, 2005

minutes Jan 11

pleasant gathering. the Dark was good... peanuts were plentiful.

Luke mentioneed a Hard Rock available for $350. Vic wondered if he should buy it for Jason? no, it will be ripped off at u of w was the consensus.

the icebike event approaches. Hal posted the link, which takes one to a website under construction... the only useful info (actually, the only info) confirms that I had the incorrect date for the event in my last post. Mark February 6. If it's as cold then as today, you're going to have a lonely ride Hal and Chris.

As Hal also mentioned, there was just the faintest hint that we may be ready to start talking about a date for the spring ride. Good heavens... the very reason for the FGBC to have a web site in the first place... to document the twists and turns in such planning. Penner, get your green book out!

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