Friday, April 22, 2005

minutes april 19, 2005

present: quite a few, including Bergen, Unger, Dr. Hubie, VicP, President, Secretary, Jonny, Hal (I feel I may have missed someone.)

Of significance:
  1. Dogfest Date: May 3 @ Juan Eppstein's... Meet at Juan's between 9:00 and 9:30... bring your favourite dogs, buns, beers... if you're driving, bring a couple of chairs.
  2. Spring Ride: June 17-19
    1. We have a solid list of those committed to attending the spring ride:
      1. Juan, Jonny S, Lonnie P-L, President, Unger, Jonny G, Vic P, Secretary
    2. The bigger issue is the maybe list which is sizeable as well and puts us in an awkward spot for reserving sites:
      1. Luke, James, Bergen, Dr. Hubie, Hal, Duke, James D
    3. The only confirmed non-attenders are: Steve E (who has made it to 0 events thus far), and Jeff R (honeymoon, as if that's a decent excuse)
    4. General consensus was that Juan Eppstein did a fine reserving job last year, and it would be swell if he'd consider doing it again... trying for West Hawk first as per the first year, and then checking Caddy.
    5. While it will be helpful to have some sort of cut-off date, we agreed that it wouldn't hurt to have an extra site...
  3. Bergen picked up a newish bike. There was genuine disappointment that the red CCM would not be at the spring ride... of course, the disappointment was not so deep that anyone asked whether they might ride it...

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