Tuesday, June 14, 2005

spring ride update

Hey all,

General thoughts.

Well, we're on. We have 4 sites for 14 people. Should be grand. While it would be hasty to get all organized about vehicles, tents, etc... we should remember that we will only be allowed two tents and one vehicle per site... so joining forces is recommended.

It's true: part of our Ingolf trail has been clearcut, but we have an intrepid team of riders who will be working to mark some of the lost trail. Word is that people from Gord's, etc have been out and have found the trail after a bit of work.

If anyone has space and dry wood, it might not hurt to bring as much as possible rather than being fleeced... $5 for 5 pieces is lame... well, that might be exagerated, but the wood to $ ratio has been decreasing. Any wood we buy will be shared in the group cost.

Speaking of cost, it would be helpful if everyone brought a blank cheque so most of the $$ issues can be squared away at the event. Shared costs will be the sites, dogfest, any necessary wood.

Dogfest for Saturday supper.
I will be bringing 3 dogs/person or so (and Aiden's three will be up for grabs), buns and basic condiments.
It has never hurt when folks have supplemented the event with beans, etc.
All other meals are solo or in small groups.

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