Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Post-Turkey Ride and Derby

kudos to the secretary for the last post and pics. hope we can gets some pics from dog-fest (or is dogfest one word?)

proposing that the post-turkey ride become a post-turkey ride and derby event. we'll meet at the burr oak trail on monday, october 11 at 4:00 and have a couple of derby events and races on the trails (we'll make em handicapped or team events so that everyone is part of action).

just throwing out the idea - discussion to follow on this site and/or at the next meeting.


g said...

Good idea...

Should we make it a-bit of a family event? We may increase our participaction if we have family dogs.

penner said...

the hp's are out at the lee river complex for part of the weekend but it sounds like fun. I think that the family thing would be cool. I think we would bail early to enable us to join.