Friday, May 26, 2006

jersey update

My Visa has been hit for $500+ from the jersey people. Actually, I knew it was coming because I had faxed the order away (with my VISA # and signature on it), and then I heard nothing for quite a while... I emailed a couple of times, nothing. Finally I called because I was getting a little freaked that I had faxed the wrong place... and maybe someone else was enjoying my Visa...

Anyway, I talked to a nice guy, and he says things are underway.

Chris and I did a bit more preliminary math (before he left), and figured $35 might be the target we're looking at after shipping and whatnot.

1 comment:

g said...

35 bones!!!!

That sounds great. I'm sure we will all ride a bit faster and feel much better post ride, wearing the team jersey.