Monday, November 20, 2006

grudge cross roundup

a sweet race. 15 riders showed up and braved tom's sick course on a mighty fine sunday afternoon. the course was one of the most technical cross courses of the year with more slick mud than one could hope for. everyone had a great time except for one elderly gent who seemed a little miffed that we dragged a fair amount of mud onto the pathways. personal highlights included a race-long battle with tomek that saw plently of pushing, grabbing, and one mock-fight where both of us threw down the bikes and squared-off for a round in true grudge cross fashion.

the following pcitures are courtesy of neuf.

pre-race discussion and strategy planning

jonny g descending (charlene and erin at the top of the hill cheering)

tomek through the woods

up the bank

dave makes it to the top

paddy about to cross the creek (i saw him make it at least once)

jon and dave post race

daniel, paddy and marc finished top three. leanne benson won the thirteen minute premmie(sp?) and jonny g won the cash - beers on jonny!

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