Monday, September 10, 2012

DarkCross Week - updated Sept 10

Hold onto your hats, boys and girls. It is going to get a little crazy for the next six days. Here's the schedule:

Monday - rest and anticipation. A good opportunity to make sure your bike is working well. It might be the last chance before the race.

Tuesday - Cross Lab #2 at CMU. After this, your next opportunity to embarrass yourself in front of a group with a poorly executed remount will be at the Speedway.

Wednesday - Cyclocross Season Kickoff Party at the Belgian Club. Purchase a season pass at a discounted rate--$115 to race the entire season. Cash only! Come and pick up your new race numbers. And hang out with all the cool kids.

Thursday - Flyover dismantling and loading party at Mike's place. Always a good time. We'll need 8-10 people for this. And maybe a crane. Meet at 6:30pm. Deck comes off after 7:00.

Friday - course set-up day! We'll start early and stay until everything's done. You have all booked the day off work, right?

Saturday - the day we've all been waiting for.


Anonymous said...

What time is the CX kickoff party?

The Dark Lord said...

Starts at 7pm.