Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Vicarious Stars 'n Bars

The US CX National Championships went down this weekend. It was muddy, cold, and generally awesome. How fitting that one of our American friends won the vicarious edition of the race? Congrats to Ali on an impressive win. He had 705 points thanks to Page, Powers, Compton, and Antonneau. Brad was the best of the rest. He finished with 570 points.

Ali was so excited with his big win that he went out and got his fingernails painted.

He also booked a flight to Winnipeg so that he can tell us in person how awesome it was to win that race. Ali will join us for next week's TNR. Come out and see those nails for yourself.

There were all kinds of other national championships crowned on the weekend. But unfortunately for those who have Klaas Vantornout on their teams, those races do not count toward the FGBC CX Pool.

Of course, in Belgium they were back at it right away with another race on Monday in Otegem. Jonny G took the win in that one. Also of note in Otegem is that it marks the first time since the beginning of November that Bill has not occupied last place. Lyle fell into the cellar with a big, loud thud.

Full results and overall standings here.

There are two races this weekend: a C2 race in Zonnebeke on Saturday and then the final round of the World Cup on Sunday in Hoogerheide.

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