Tuesday, March 12, 2013

On Strike

The Dark Side's home on the interwebs will be shut down until we receive the kick-ass DarkCross 2012 movie we've been waiting for from the Secretary.

Essential services--like vicarious racing results and snarky observations--will be available via the Twitter: @fgbcdark.


the secretary said...

well, well... this could be perceived as a bit manipulative...
so, what is my next move?
1. acknowledge I want more posting by the VP Race? and do a movie asap.
2. wait for direct pressure from his legions of readers, to determine whether they want more posting?
3. produce a reasonable counter-offer?
4. stomp around in anger, then wring my hands in dispair?
5. enter a rhetoric laden, public battle of wits with a philosphy professor?
6. have lunch?
yes, lunch seems reasonable.

Unknown said...

yaa more reasons for me to pay more attention to twitter during class

Brad the Impaler said...

Hunger strike.

halloewen said...

lunch is good

Leonie said...

Okay, who is the secretary and where can I find him/her? POST THE VIDEO!!!!! You are getting in the way of me knowing how badly I am kicking Terry Macyk's ass in the spring classics pool : )

the secretary said...

Hi Leonie,
There is no video at this time... there may never be. I was going to do one, but a) manipulation is poor fertilizer for creativity, and, b) you're only the second person to care.
Go hang out on Twitter where the other 8 cool kids are.