Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Fort Garry Bubba Cup - Oct. 18

Yes, even though membership response has been limited on this website, it has been determined that the event shall proceed.

Meet at Chris' place @ 1:00pm There will be a pre-race meeting to bring everyone up to speed on the details.
Mountain bikes only - to keep the competition a little more even.

Juan Eppstein and Chris are the route coordinators. There are a few fine details to work out, but it promises to come together as an event. Please see the comments on the previous post to get a sense of what route is being tweaked.

This was the nature of the formal business. Well, that's not entirely true. Since Chris was the FGBC rep to the World Road Race Championships in Hamilton, a report was expected, and duly given. Intricacies of road race strategy were examined and dissected. (James wondered why they wouldn't just pretend that they had a mechanical problem so they could cheat and hang onto the support car for a while.) Outside the integrity question, an excellent report on all counts.

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