Wednesday, October 08, 2003

MINUTES of October 8, 2003

Present: James, Juan, Chris, Vic P, Jonny, Glenn, Luke, Darryl

First Hummelt hockey evening of the new year, with corresponding meeting at the Fox and Hound, post-game. Thank goodness that's started again.
Significant disappointment to the start of the gathering. Out of Fort Garry Dark. As Jonny and Glenn will attest, I was cast adrift amongst inferior options. Stunned. It took me a few minutes to actually communicate a concise order. Rickards Red was the follow. A second best. Sorry that these minutes have turned slightly personal. It was a difficult few minutes. Now back to more appropriate Bike Club form.

Some exciting developments:

The Fort Garry Cup!
  • The technical director presented the work of a dedicated sub-committee. A bike ride with more than just cameraderie. A spin without drift. A purpose: to beat the clock, (and fellow bike-club members). Yes. A race.
  • When: Saturday, October 18.
  • Where: Wolesely -> Assiniboine park and around that region, or garbage hill.
  • Other details:
    • the idea of a handicap system was included (good show on Unger's part) with the initial proposal. However, that dream wavered when James, usually an upstanding man of integrity, (but it's true, he has been away) suggested he might not try very hard so he would have a stronger handicap. A shocking thought to all the other attending, pure spirited members. Now what? No conclusions have been reached. Perhaps a consultation is in order.
    • Fort Garry Cup is a nice name, but does not work out to an FGBC acronym. Along with that thought came the question of the nature of the cup to be won. An awkward silence was broken with the insightful suggestion, "What about a bubba?" Yes. Thus, perhaps Fort Garry Bubba Cup, or Fort Garry Bike Cup, or just Fort Garry Bubba. The members will need to speak on the issue of name.
    • of course, if there is to be a prize, be it of liquid nature or otherwise, there will be a small, upfront cost.

World Cup Road Biking Championships (or something like that)
  • the technical director will be attending these races in Hamilton on behalf of the club
  • can be viewed on CBC daily between 4 and 6 pm.
  • of course, the Fort Garry Bubba Ceg/Cup will need to be monitored carefully in case it turns into a World Bubba Cup. The last thing we want is racers joining our club and spoiling the chances of faithful members who will get burned because someone wants to abuse the handicap system.

  • the new online resource for Manitoba cyclists.
  • seems well and good, but they have also used a sprocket in their logo. Perhaps legal action would be appropriate.

October 11 ride
  • Jonny, Juan Eppstein, and Unger seem to be the only ones who can commit. The rest of us will ride along in spirit. Some pictures might be nice.

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