Tuesday, April 20, 2004

...On with the show this is it!

First and foremost, peanuts were absent (again) from the meeting ... the president is making up a schedule, and you will be contacted.

Onto bike news ... Hal stepped up and displayed his battle scars from his fight with a chain link fence (fence-1, Hal-0), but he will be ok. All we know is 61km/hr + corner = bad.

In other bike club news, the technical director has been in contact with Colin Bock about a maintenace session, so a time a place will be forthcoming shortly.

The Vertex is Unger approved ... go Vertex go!

Wax vs. oil - wax is the winner.

No sighting of Melanie.

fortgarrybikeclub.com is ours - it will be coming to a computer near you soon!

On a side note - the Pixies show did not disappoint (trevor, we were thinking of you). A solid 75 minutes of music, 2 encores, and happy fans in every direction - very, very memorable.

Phil was elected the President of the tubing/toboggan club.

We are hoping for a tour of the Fort Garry plant - we are leaving this in the capable hands of jonny.

Present and accounted for: Dave (Dieter), Darryl, James, Juan, Chris, Hal, Jon (Beans) and me.

Until next time.

Mark (Marls)

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