Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Minutes for December 7 & 14

Guarded apologies to any remaining readers that minutes from last week did not materialize even though there was a gathering, and I was present. The passion for posting minutes waxes and wanes... and my sense is that I should be somewhat more diligent in preparing a second secretary for the waning times.

It also becomes more difficult when it really feels like there is no significant news, and conversation is as disjointed as it becomes when there are 10+ people at the table with only a few of them seriously thinking about biking at this time of year.

So, with a few excuses laid in place... a bit of recollection to last week, and then basically nothing from tonight.

December 7

There was in fact significant news at the meeting. Dr. Hubie sustained an injury in a bike - tree collision... to the point where walking became tricky in the following days and participation in hockey was impossible. The culprit was ice as he headed down a hill in the Wolseley region. This evening (December 14), he was dubbed "bark boy" by the master of one-liners, Bob H, convener of Tuesday night hockey. James didn't get it.

December 14

Vic P. walked into the clubhouse and asked about buying a bike for his son. After receiving his third independent recommendation for a single-speed from Natural Cycle, he appeared to be taking the suggestion seriously. While this secretary is still attempting to distill fact from peer/club pressure over the relative merits, Vic may be convinced. Good for Natural Cycle, not as good for Canadian Tire.

OK, so December 14's minutes appear a few words longer... no disrespect intended to the Hubie crash story.

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