Tuesday, December 07, 2004

minutes for Nov. 30

minutes, minutes, minutes....my lord who will do the minutes when darryl does not show up (no darryl, you will not you will not be turfed as secretary just because you did not show up). what do i remember from last meeting - well not much. i did bring honey roasted peanuts which seemed to go over well. i guess that's it for minutes. on another note jon g, dave u, and johnny s enjoyed a fabulous day snow cycling at tinker on nov 21. depending on how much snow has fallen well see if another tinker ride is in the cards. also - i'm looking forward to more details regarding dr. hubie's big wipe out this last weekend (if we can get him to drink enough dark, mixed with the pain medication he is surely on, maybe we can convince him to show us the bruise which would involve the dropping of his drawers).

later, crash

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