Wednesday, February 02, 2005

minutes Feb 1

The Icebike Race is but a few days away. Hal, Unger and Chris will represent us fittingly... well maybe not entirely... the whole business is fairly ambitious... and yet that really is some of the beauty of the FGBC: the embrace of diversity within the generous bounds of endeavour known as "biking". No one rider in the Klub captures the full essence.

Really, while the Duke takes the heat for last spring, he still showed, and he "biked". The other positive is that the above mentioned riders can always default to representing "Tinker Creek" when they're too embarassed... so, we try to serve everyone their cake, and let them eat it too. The Fort Garry Bundt Club.

While we talked about the various related clubs, there were some delicious ideas around Hal's proposed "Team Bread" racing group. It did however, just strike me that this name is very close to Team Brown, our parallel club. Just in case you all forgot about them, here's a link to their manifesto: The Team Brown Manifesto

Well, other than some dreaming about trading up in the bike world, that nearly sums up the bike related discussion as this reporter heard it.

Oh, and our favourite former Mennonite rider Floyd Landis rides again.

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