Wednesday, February 16, 2005

minutes february 15

after a week off, it's time to get back to the minutes... here's some of the news:
  • Chris had a wipe out and broke his thumb... no more hummelt hockey for him... it was that little patch of ice half a block from home... back to the doc on Friday to find out if it will need surgery. He should be in fine shape for the spring ride. Any injury is usually a good excuse for most of us to go through our litanies of injuries and medical system insights. Vic's thumb still looks funny from his break in 1976.
  • Vic got Juno tickets by calling 10 minutes early... he was on hold for 9 minutes and about 30 seconds... the call went to Montreal where a nice fellow waited the extra few seconds and sold him the cheap tickets... too bad about having to fix the car that day Vic
  • Juan Eppstein is on the single speed trail... there was a tone of determination to his comments about entering the inner sanctum of the Klub. Hopefully he'll still talk to us people with gears.
  • yes, of course we talked about the spring ride, and yes, someone asked where we were going... there seems a strong consensus that our ride location is Ingulf... it wavers a bit when we talk about which campsite, and nobody has yet had the nerve to suggest a date... seems silly to push the issue. Perhaps the President will show next week with "the book".
  • here's the link to Monte Montgomery, the incredible acoustic guitar player with the cheesy moustache. Check out Romeo & Juliet, and some of the Little Wing footage.

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