Wednesday, March 30, 2005

minutes march 29

well friends... it's back to the pure FGBC... no more hockey... just those who rally under the FGBC jersey... now we can resume with some sense of usefulness, the practice of noting attendence.

Present: the president, secretary, Dr. H, Unger, Vic... and for a while later on, Juan Eppstein.

One topic of discussion which came up again was that of "getting in the book". Our customer service representative at the Klub Haus once again became earnest and encouraged us strongly to "get in the book" for next year. We have decided we will strike a sub-committee to investigate the matter. Jonny hasn't been at a meeting for a while, so it was suggested he would be only enthusiastic about pulling his weight again as chair of the "book committee".

Vic was in good form, candidating for a portfolio... it was really looking like he might be lining up as VP of "ideas". This was a good one: next dogfest, we all bring our favourite dog so that a comparison of the relative dog merits might be made. Now that's forward thinking.

The president made contact with that person selling the Rocky Mountain Hammer on the MCA website. The contact was with possible intent to purchase... a new guitar and new bike in the same fiscal quarter seems risky and it could have sent his shareholders into a bit of a selling frenzy... but it turns out that the deal likely will not go through... and shares in BHP have stabilized.

An early topic of discussion was the ability of sport to bring out the... well... enthusiastic nature of the sporting type... a few personal stories were shared, a number of James stories were retold, and then, a little later, Juan Eppstein walks in and graces us with a little of the real thing. The question unasked is what we should do about the growing statistical likelyhood of a FGBC member losing it at a ride... as we are a fairly intense bunch. Perhaps we should pool our resources for a joint anger management seminar before the spring ride...

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