Wednesday, March 09, 2005

minutes march 8

while there was some bike related chit chat... the critical discussion was dates for our spring ride. Here's the skinny:
Best option: June 17-19
Next best: June 3-5
As per usual, conflicts exist on all the dates, but it seems June 17-19 was the strongest possibility (although also the MCC relief sale weekend). Now, the only regular member who was not available to weigh-in was doc hubage, who is laid low with sickness... hopefully he will check-in through a comment or post in the next day or two which will help cement it all.
This was surely the quickest discussion on dates we've seen... well... to date.

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The Dark Lord said...

Here's to the lost art of the "comment." Good work on the dates. I'm actually a little stunned that we came up with something at all, let alone two options to choose from. I won't stand in the way of either option. Having sat out last year, I'll return with renewed vigour this year, even if it means missing the Minnedosa stage race.