Friday, November 25, 2005

Snow Crit

Did a little scouting on the ride into work this morning. I'm thinking our race this weekend should be a snow criterium: short laps around an oval in the formal gardens. The first few laps will be a bit slow, and might even require a dismount or two. But it will pack down as we go on, and so the speed will gradually pick up for what will no doubt be an exciting finish. Hal, can you bring your markers? Meet at the formal gardens in Assiniboine park (not the gardens by the duck pond, but the one in the southeast corner) at 10 am. Non FGBC racers welcome. Gears and brakes optional.

1 comment:

halloewen said...

sorry - I won't be able to make the first race. my assistant has begged off this weekend so I am left to fire the oven and bake the bread this weekend. If anyone is interested in bread let me know, I'll have plenty to offer.