Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Cars and winter. A deadly combination. Had to push out three cars on my ride in to work this morning. Dumbass drivers. At least when I get stuck, I can pick up my bike and walk out of trouble. The early verdict on riding fixed in winter is promising. My new CX tires arrived in the mail yesterday. Good timing. They worked to perfection on the snowy ride in. Omand's Creek was a bitch, and the combination of hard packed car tire tracks in the midst of loose snow presented their usual challenges. But so far so good. Tonight's ride home in the dark could be interesting.

Now that the snow's here we can start talking about the winter race series. Put it on the agenda for the F&H tonight.


halloewen said...

good to see that I am not the only other nutbar out there. hope to see other cyclists at the f&h tonight (this means you johnny)


El Presidente said...

Hey..is someone trashing Johnny G.?

Can I join in?

Hubie...caught a little bit of the Duke-Boston U. game last night. Have to admit the the Blue Devils are the team to beat. Slow start but otherwise impressive. I think they may have been teasing...