Saturday, April 15, 2006

bike for sale

it just sits in the basement any ways...

anyone interested in a 2001 Rocky Mountain Instinct? some changes to the bike include:

  • Avid mechanical disk brakes (the Magura Clara's sucked)
  • new bottom bracket last year (rode bike a handful of times since installation)
  • newer rings (rode bike a handful of times since installation)
  • newer cogs (rode bike a handful of times since installation)
  • replaced all bushings
  • maintenance on shocks (new seals and oil replacement)

I am going to do a compete tune-up on the bike including ordering some bushing for the rear shock (need because of a little play). It comes with SPD pedals if you want (sorry Penner, I will need these pedals for the bike, unless the purchaser does not want them - I have a set of older Ritcheys you can have for free).

price - I haven't decided yet; will know soon once I talk to James - but it will be very fair.

how do I pay for this mess - FGBC members are eligible for a wide variety of payment plans (O.A.C. - kidding), I will negotiate

this is a time limited offer before I put it up for sale on the MCA site, etc.


g said...

I offer you......

1 case of FGD
1 1/4 role of rim tape
and 1 fresh loaf of WonderBread.........White.

If you don't think that's fair, you don't have to have the WonderBread.

El Presidente said...


My offer is:

1 - Terra Cotta microwaveable bread warmer (heart-shaped)
1 - 1996 Giant Yukon SE (as is)
3 - Pilseners (Duker and I drank their friends last night)

This is also a limited time offer. I believe the bread warmer alone is a fair offer but the beat-up bike PLUS 3 beers seems like more than adequate compensation.

p.s. You'll have to deliver the bike here in order to get your stuff.