Wednesday, April 05, 2006

ride report, next race

Nice turnout for the Tuesday night ride last night: Darryl, Jonny G, Unger, Vic, Hal, Chris. One minor incident involving a spontaneous dismount into the bushes, but nothing serious. This occured while previewing the course for the next race. And while my latest demonstration of bike-handling ineptitude did prompt some discussion, the course was deemed race worthy. The race will take place on Sunday at 9pm. Meet at my place around 8:30 if you want to ride over together. Otherwise, meet at the Louis Riel statue behind the Leg. Some sort of post-race gathering will take place somewhere. There may even be some prizes. Hal is working on an Alley Cat/Messenger race later in the month. Start memorizing your map of downtown Winnipeg and stay tuned for further details.

The jersey discussion is coming along nicely. We seem to have reached a decision about design basics. Waiting to hear back about some technical details concerning images. Hopefully that won't set us back too much. Perhaps the secretary can relay that info if and when it is received.

A flurry of bike-purchasing activity has taken place at Olympia recently. The formation of the next generation is apparently under way.

Official tally at the F&H: $903 spent so far, which translates into $135 in FGD. How close can we get to $200 before the spring ride? This is starting to feel like a fundraising drive.

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the secretary said...

good news from the jersey people... it's our turn to get moving... if anyone sees Luke, tell him how great his logo will look on our shirts.

Stay tuned for more details.