Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ice TT Results

That hurt. My legs and lungs are still burning. But it was good times just the same. Better in retrospect, of course. 13 racers showed up for the first annual FGBC Ice TT, including 4 first-timers. It was more like a snow TT in the end, since the ice was just freshly zambonied and impossible to ride. We stuck to the walking path. Fortunately, it was packed down pretty hard.

There was a slight timing malfunction--i.e., I accidently cleared my stopwatch. It seems that the times were about 1-2 minutes faster than the times listed below. But the time gaps are correct.

Good times at the clubhouse, as usual. Always nice to walk in to Skynyrd on the hi fi.


Chris - 13.55
Luke - 14.56
Luc - 14.58
Craig - 15.08
Jonny G - 15.13
Ian - 15.29
Benjamin - 15.40
Dave L - 16.01
Scott - 17.02
Jonny N - 18.00
Jonny B - 18.57
Colin - 20.00
Deanna - 20.42

I was too busy recording times to take action photos. But here are a couple for the archives. More from Scott. Luc should have more too.

OTT: Mark Geary, It Beats Me

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