Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Tuesday Night in Retrospect

Jonny, Craig, and me
Slip-sliding through Munson Park
Swept the podium

Race results:

Jonny G

Jonny G looked to have 2nd place easily under control, but he went down on a slippery corner during the penultimate lap and had to settle for 3rd. Well done, boys.

Low-key night at the F&H. Just Juan Eppstein, Victor, James, Jonny G, and me. Everything is figured out. For now.

Secretary's ribs
Must be aching like crazy
Nowhere to be seen

The roster for this weekend looks to be shaping up nicely. The weather is looking good too. Thanks to all who have responded. I suspect, however, that there may be others who are planning to participate. A response would be nice.

OTT: The Constantines, Hard Feelings


penner said...

The figurehead president has managed to secure some swag for the event.
Wayne is coming through with a case of 16 oz cans of FGD, a few shirts and hats.
Brew meister Dave is "creating a package for us to be picked up.

I have also secure all the appropriate time off.


The Dark Lord said...

Lovely. On all fronts.

PaddyH said...

Naom's would like to know an aprox time for the dog fest lap, as she plans to "peak" for that....

The Dark Lord said...

Juan Eppstein and the Secretaty are in charge of dog-fest. If there's a decision to be made, it's theirs. More likely, though, it will be declared spontaneously. Vic is also looking to peak for dogfest. In fact, he was making a case on Tuesday that we turn it into a Hara-Curry style eating race. That's not going to happen.