Sunday, January 08, 2012

KFC, J-Pow and the J-Train

Those were your winners today at the US National Cyclocross Championships in Madison. Compton and Powers won their respective real races. Compton won for the eighth time while Powers picked up his first Stars and Stripes jersey with an impressive victory over Ryan Trebon. The wins by Compton and Powers helped Jonah reach the top step of the vicarious podium. To say that he won, however, is almost an understatement. He destroyed the field as if he were Sven Nys racing against the Cat 4s. Not only did he get 250 points each from Compton and Powers, Jonah swept the entire women's podium today. He has Antonneau and Duke on his team as well. And last but not least, he had Travis Livermon chip in 80 points courtesy of his 9th place showing in the men's race. Not a bad day at the office. It all added up to a 1005 point day for the young J-Train. Kim was a distant second. She had 710 points today, thanks to Compton, Powers, Page and Studley. And Ali rounded out the podium with 700 points.

Jonah's big day launched him from 4th place into a rather commanding race lead. This marks the first time someone whose name is not Andy or Chris has led the 2011-12 FGBC CX Pool. Jonah now leads Chris O by 480 points. I am in third place, another 160 points back of Chris. King Andy is still within striking distance of the podium. He is 90 points behind me.

It seems like a big lead. But with the World Championships coming up and 500 points up for grabs for both the men and women in that race, there is still opportunity for some large point swings. There are a couple more World Cups left as well. It doesn't help Chris O's chances that Bart Wellens very nearly died this weekend with an infection that seems to have gone after his heart. Thankfully, it sounds like he'll be okay. But the likelihood of him racing his bike again this season appears to be rather slim.

Full results and overall standings here.


Kim said...

Coming in second after having a fantastic day kinda sums up my entire "real" cyclocross season too. Always getting beat by the kids. Just my luck. :-)

co2cycle said...

Bart, kick the disease:

As a sidenote, Pfingsten takes the German championship (and another zero-points win)!

felonious said...

finally, a podium.