Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grasshopper Grinder Report

Big time thanks for Terry for yesterday's Grasshopper Grinder. Then again, there were times when it seemed he was trying to kill the lot of us. But the post-race pool party and dogfest did seem to suggest he had our best interests in mind.

There were plenty of grasshoppers, as promised. And lots of crickets too. But there was only one Cricket. He did, however, roll in just behind the Impaler. We can expect to hear about this at the klubhaus every other week or so for some time to come. But at least it will break up the monotony of the story about time he beat the Awesome One.

There were some navigational issues. Some of us climbed Spring Hill more than was necessary. That sucked. But nobody climbed it more than the CycleChick, who scaled the beastly run-up a full six times, following the arrows from last weekend's Dirty Donkey race, before heading back into the howling headwind. That headwind, it was absolutely horrible!

There were also some casualties on the cx portion of the course. Refusing the race director's suggestion that we walk it, Halberto went down on the sketchy descent. The end result was some much needed colour on his thigh and a new excuse to spend more money on bikes.

JP crossed the finish line first. That he was very strong was demonstrated by the fact that he was lucid  enough to appreciate the need to take some photos of the scene at the finish line. The rest of us needed a little more time to recover from the heaping plate of agony Terry prepared for us.

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