Sunday, December 23, 2012

EOTW CX Report

If, by "End of the World," they meant a bike handling shit show, then the much maligned Mayans proved to be a prescient lot indeed. At least in the case of my race. I don't think there were very many laps in which I didn't find myself face down in a snowbank somewhere. But at least I didn't wind up getting wrapped around a tree. For a split second, it seemed like it was going to happen. The soft snowbank proved to be a much happier alternative in that case.

Not everyone fared so poorly. Daniel thrilled the crowd with a dramatic victory in the A Race. Technically, we can't claim his results just yet. But it will be nice to have him in the henhouse for 2013. And the Impaler was the first male in the B Race. He was not the first human, however. That honour would go to Leah Kirchmann, racing her first cx race of the year. This distinction also happens to coincide with Anna failing to win her first cx race of the year. The Demon Rooster finished dead last among the women in the B Race.

The Secretary was not there to shoot a video. But JP was there to pick up the slack. He also edited and posted it too. Maybe he could give the Secretary a hand with this year's DarkCross movie, not to mention the last two editions of the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge. Without archival footage, it's almost as though those three events did not take place.

Results here.

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