Monday, December 10, 2012

Hal and Ben

They are an unlikely couple. But their fortunes were linked in that they each picked up two wins this weekend in the 2012-13 FGBC CX Pool. Ben won the two Belgian races while Hal was tops at the USGP finale in Bend.

We had some exciting action at the top of the standings. Matt still leads. But Chris O has secured his second place standing. But the real drama took place on the third step of the podium. First KK shoved JP from the podium. It's the first time JP's been out of the top three since the vicarious cx season started. But KK's time on the podium was short lived. Anna bumped KK down to fourth overall, which in turn bumped JP all the way down to fifth. JP is now over 1200 points back of Matt. How the mighty have fallen. The rest of us can take some solace in this. Maybe it will happen to Matt too. But that doesn't look likely right now.

Full results and overall standings here.

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Anonymous said...

I had never been so confident in my picks for a pool as I was in this one. Holy crap was I wrong!!!