Wednesday, January 09, 2013

CX Pool Update

There have been four races since the last update. Winners are as follows:

Surhuisterveen - Mark
New Years Resolution #1 - Chris, Mark, Terry
World Cup: Rome - Jay
New Years Resolution #2 - Daniel, Vanessa

In the overall race, Matt's lead only continues to grow. But KK has moved ahead of Chris O and into second overall.

Full results and overall standings here.

Next up is the US Nationals. Judging by the photos that are floating around the interwebs, it will either be very snowy or very muddy. Or maybe a bit of both. More here.


KK said...

And Chris H is quietly inching up to the podium.

Unknown said...

whoa! for once I'm not near DFL!

co2cycle said...

...and Chris O is slipping off the podium. Hopefully Nys can keep his Kentucky Fried Chicken down and score a win at worlds.