Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Anticipation

It's been a while since we performed this weekly ritual. But we have lots to look forward to. It's time to start circling dates on the calendar. And speaking of calendars, the WCC promises she's still working on the 2013 DRR Calendar. Look for an update on that project soon.

Let's do this in chronological order:

1) Barn Cross goes down on Sunday. Attendance is mandatory.

2) Worlds!

By this time next week, 15 Roosters will be on their way to Louisville. Needless to say, this road trip is going to be one for the ages. For those who are unable to be there, your best bet for timely reports is Twitter: @fgbcdark.

3) Lindsay's Million Mile March.

For those who will not be in Louisville, your task is to head to the Forks on Feb. 2 to make sure our man Lindsay arrives in style. It only makes sense that the sweetest cyclist in the world be flanked by as many sweetest jerseys in the world as possible.

4) 24 Hours of Coens, the sequel.

Feb. 23-24. Enough said.

5) Rated RRR, Brad's Gravel Grinder, or whatever else it's called.

The Dark Red Racing Gravel Grinder Series will begin on the third weekend in April. Stay tuned for more details.

6) Strade Bianche?

Details of the 2013 MCA Race Calendar are starting to be leaked. One race we should all have circled is being called Strade Bianche. It goes down on the first weekend of May. It sounds like a good opportunity to see if the DRR Road Team is a strong as some people think it might be. Roosters on the road? It will be awesome. At least if it's anything like the race from which its name derived.

7) Spring Ride XI

Seven is a sacred number. So it is only fitting that one of our most sacred events should occupy the seventh spot on this list. By the time I am back from my little trip to the south, the countdown will be under 100. I don't know about the rest of you, but I find that very, very exciting.

8) Death March

People have been wondering whether OperaciĆ³n MUERTO is anything more than an excuse for Halberto to add another jersey to his collection. It appears the answer may be yes. Apparently, it is an excuse to produce more posters too.

More info here.

Class dismissed.


Unknown said...

Strade Bianche? I hope it's restricted to friction shifters, steel frames and wool kit. That sounds awesome

Brad the Impaler said...

We need a feed station with red wine and prosciutto in one of our races.

Gianni said...

9) Actif Epica - February 16th. New finish line @ the Forks, and a relay option (2 x 65km). Registration closes Feb 9th.

The Dark Lord said...

Right. And Ice Bike is the weekend before. I'm out of town for both of those, so they're way off the radar screen. Hope they both go well though.

With the winter 24 Hour Race the weekend after Ice Bike, February may well be one of the busier months for racing. That is cool.

Olli said...

Strade know you're a mamil when...

Busy February I see.