Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Roosters are gettin' Actif

Three hardy roosters will be tackling the close to 130km of chilly bald-ass prairie this coming Saturday. Mark and Dan will be rocking Actif for the first time, while for me it will be my second. With colder temps and more snow than last year, the race should hopefully hold true to its name. Last year the race was more of a spring classic with balmy temps and dry gravel. Let's hope this is a different game! If we don't end up frozen in snow drifts along the Crow Wing Trail some of us may attempt to join the Cricket for some Birthday beers following the race! If we don't make it out alive, Craig- Happy 30th man! Check out Mark's synopsis.


Cricket said...

nice! hope to see you dudes afterwards

KK said...

Good luck, guys.