Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring Classics Pool

The 2013 FGBC Spring Classics Pool is open for business!

Same deal as last year. If you are new to this nerdfest or simply can't remember all the rules, make sure to read them below. It's really not that hard.

One new request: when submitting your teams, please cut and paste riders from the spreadsheet. It makes the setup a lot easier. Easier setup makes for a happier Dark Lord. You don't want to see the Dark Lord unhappy. It's not a pretty sight. Failure to follow this simple request may result in banishment from the pool.

The list of riders and team building options can be found here.

If you see any riders listed twice or catch any other mistakes, please let us know ASAP.

Teams are due Saturday morning at 9am CST. Submit them by email to the Dept. of Vicarious Racing.

As always, entry is free and open to all. Please feel free to invite others.

The Rules:

1) Assemble a team of nine riders based on one of four possible options.

2) Each team must include at least one and no more than two Ardennes riders (the ones whose names are bolded in the rider list).

3) Any rider who is busted for a doping violation during the season is booted from your team and you lose all his points.

4) Submit your team to the address provided above by Saturday morning at 9am CST. You must indicate which option you used in assembling your team. Once again, failure to do so or to navigate the tiers properly may result in exclusion from the pool. The FGBC's Office of Getting Shit Done frowns on those who assume we are here to do your work for you.

5) Prizes? Maybe. But probably not.

Any questions? Drop a comment below and we will do our best to answer.


Unknown said...

I don't see any riders in bold type

The Dark Lord said...

Shit. Stupid computers. It'll be fixed soon. Be patient.

Olli said...

Few bigger names missing from the selection list...