Friday, June 28, 2013

TdF Pool Entry Watch

Update [9:12 pm] - And the Secretary brings us to 44. With help from Jay, Donna, Auckland, Ian, and Randy. Only 10 hours or so left to scour the interwebs for sleepers.

Update [4:13 pm] - We have reached 38. Marc, Miriam, Jonah, Marcus, Dallas, and Leonie have submitted teams.

Update [1:04 pm] - We are up to 32 teams now. The Hipster, Jason, Paul K, Cousin Thomas, Charlene, and KK are in.

As of 10am this morning, there are 26 teams in the pool. There are also a good number of vicarious racing rookies. Welcome to you all. We will try to be nice. But being nice is hard. Almost as hard as math.

There is still lots of room. For those who are motivated by peer pressure, here's a list of the teams so far. Check back throughout the day to see who else has joined.

Matt H
Anna S
David S
Karel B
Peter D
Chris H
Chris N
Jonathan L-T
Jonny B
Graham W
Joe H
Stephen G
Chris D
Chris O
Ali A
Jonny G
Ben B
Terry M
Chris A
Paul S
Vic P
Catherine S
Brad E
Charlie C
Nate B
Jordan L
Mark R
Jason S
Paul K
Cousin Thomas
Charlene G
Marc L
Miriam H
Jonah H
Marcus H
Dallas S
Leonie T
Jay S
Donna H
Auckland L
Ian H
Randy H
Darryl N-B
Merle H
Adam B
Todd M
Andy L
Val L
Jenna S
Daniel E
Vanessa P
Dan L
Mike G
Andrea T
Olli H
Rachel H

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I'm gonna win this shit, FYI