Wednesday, February 18, 2004

a day late with the minutes

Whoa, I'm slipping a bit. It's a busy week.

A fine gathering. Biking discussion did override the noteable concern about Pixies tickets. Of most interest was a turn in the discussion for the spring ride.

Spruce Woods was again mentioned, but then your humble secretary blurted something to the effect of, "but I don't want to go to Spruce Woods". With floor priviledges firmly inhand, said secretary explained that it might be nice if we find a location that might keep the technical level up a bit. This would ensure that the stronger riders would have diversions along the way that might keep the pack together. Without a number of technical stops, the only interesting thing for the strong riders would be to see how many miles ahead they could get from the others. "What about the "south of Morden/Tinker Creek" area?" asked the secretary. So, further discussion began unpacking the options in this part of our fair province. Stayed tuned. We may tackle the date question in the coming months.

Luke spoke about building a single-speed.... perhaps to avoid ever getting his bike fixed from the last spring ride.

Unger did a little show and tell with his new helmut. Original price $150, purchased for under one hun. Not to mention that he was the only member who rode to the meeting.

The race director did a little explaining on the ins and outs of the Tour de France, and brought up the death of the guy in the previous post.

Members gathered: Chris, Unger, Jonny G, the secretary, Marles, Luke, James and then the related hockey collective.

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