Monday, February 02, 2004


I'll try to write a longer update for the blog in the next little while, but for now let me just say that Icebike was a resounding success. The weather was great, and though the cold temps throughout the week resulted in smaller crowd there were still 100+ riders out on the course, which is the most in any race I've ever been to. 45 riders started in the Abominable (20k) men's category, including me and Jonny as well as a significant contingent representing the Tinker Creek colours. I'm happy to report that I finished first among those two groupings, and 13th overall. While I'm pleased with that, I'm still pissed for a spill on the last downhill section that screwed up my gearing and cost me two places in the standings.

Results are available online. Also, Charlene took a bunch of pictures on their new digital camera, which I told her to send you. But in the mean time, the MCA site has one picture with me and Hal in it. In case it's not clear whose who, I'm 2nd from the top and Hal is closest to the bottom. I couldn't find Jonny in any of the pictures they had up.

Postrace consensus among Jonny and myself was that there is no good reason we shouldn't make this a mandatory bike club event. The race course itself was far easier than what we did in and around Whittier park. So no reason to be affraid from the skills/technical standpoint. Charlene is also looking to make a statement in the womens category, having recognized a few women who finished at or close to the top and feeling confident that she could take them. That's the spirit.

We will give a fuller report on Tuesday. Later.


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