Saturday, March 17, 2007

spring training

where: BHP
when: Sunday, 1pm or so
who: all the cool cats
what: road laps, clockwise
why: because it's time

OTT: Paul Westerberg, Love Untold


PaddyH said...


PaddyH said...

depending on snowfall tonight I'll be riding out at 11:30am Sunday from beautiful Bruce Park.

team jonny said...

my mommy says that with all this snow I probably shouldn't ride my road bike. but I've always been a rebel... see y'all there.

PaddyH said...

.....or freezing rain...hmm.... didn't count on that....might be a movie date with my rollers now

shOna said...

i just came home from the park. it is pretty sketchy. i would not go out on the hwy if you can help it.