Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Training Rides

Sometimes it is nice to go out and train on your own, but most of the time it is better to ride with others – so, one of the things discussed during last weekend’s loop-fest at BHP was regular training rides throughout the spring and summer. The idea is to schedule three different rides a week with regular days and start times; then see who wants to come along for the ride. If enough people know we may get a semi-regular group of people who want to train. The hard part is finding the convenient days and times to accommodate most people. Past experience shows that early mornings are best – here is what I am planning:

April (2 rides a week switching to 3 if the weather cooperates and things dry up nicely)
Thusday mornings, 7:00 AM, Garbage Hill – Intervals up the road (short and painful)
Sunday afternoons, 1:00 PM, Birds Hill Park loop-fest

May – July (3 rides a week)
Tuesday mornings, 6:00 AM, Garbage Hill – Loops
Thursday mornings, 6:00 AM, Location to be determined – Intervals
Saturday mornings 6:00 AM, Wolesely to BHP, laps on Bur Oak, return. (5-6hrs)

August – October (3 rides a week)
TBD – will involve switching from mountain bike to cross-related rides.

There will be plenty of days missed due to trips, races, and other events; but this is what I am planning. Anyone else got ideas in the hopper?


Anonymous said...

my plan(same as yrs past):
sleep, ride, work(just enough to eat) ride, eat, repeat.

...your plan looks good Hal..
...I'm in....
...just don't plan on seen me
drive out to bhp to ride in an ice storm....

the secretary said...

I'm pretty keen on getting to Bur Oak as much as possible... but let me get this straight... ride from Wolseley to BHP, laps @ Bur Oak, and then back?

halloewen said...

yup - its a good way to put a lot of miles on the legs and get some technical riding in as well. the bonus is you are fatigued when you hit the trails (race conditions) so it forces you to become a better rider.

The Dark Lord said...

There are a few problems with this plan, aside from the general fact that it is a plan. Starting in May, Tuesday mornings = the day after ultimate, the VJ's ride, etc. But it looks good--in theory. I'm still not sure I can make the switch from my rather free-form, spontaneous training "program" of years past.

that dave said...

i'm digging this. i'll drop in when i can. i like the bhp idea. holy hammerfest can you say bonked from bhp to wolesley.