Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Suds & Cycles

Apparently they just belong together. At least if the advertisers are to be believed. (H)alberto got it started the other day when he linked that sweet ad from Stella Artois. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Here's a little gallery. Consider it the FGBC version of the Cannes Lions they show at the Art Gallery every year.

1) High Life. This is the gold standard. It's been up here before, but it's so good it warrants another viewing.

2) Stella Artois: This is the one (H)alberto linked.

3) Guinness

4) New Belgium Brewieries

5) Green King IPA

6) Carling Premier

7) Budweiser (China?)

9) Miller

8) Skoler

9) Brand (Belgium)

And it's not just television. There are radio spots too, like this ode to the winter cyclist from the Yukon Bewing Company.

There are no doubt a whole bunch more. Share them if you know about them. The only question is, why haven't Fort Garry and Brewmaster Dave gotten in on the action.


Tom K said...

Hmmm ... instead of riding my trainer today, I'm gonna ride outside (not that cold anyways) and then have a beer or two (FGD and Half Pints in the fridge)!!

the secretary said...

that's the spirit Tom!

maybe it's up to us to produce it for them... it wouldn't hurt for us to brainstorm a little some time...

i'd like to see us do something like the video jonny posted with Lance... surely someone can run a nice low ratio and spin like a mad fiend, and then the camaraderie at the Klubhouse.

it would actually be nice if we could support both FGBC and Half Pints in such an effort.

that dave said...

i am always thankful for the comic side of human creativity.

: )