Wednesday, June 23, 2010

TNR Report

We found no gnomes. Apparently, they are all in Lockport. We did, however, find Juan Eppstein. We successfully coaxed him out for a ride and a visit at the klubhaus. We hit the airplane park on the way back to the klubhaus. Prior to all this, we took in a bit of the Eagles concert. They are lucky to have Joe Walsh.

The Secretary is not a gnome. But he did show up at the klubhaus wearing a very sweet outfit.

We were not the only ones to hit the klubhaus after the Eagles show. It was packed. But at least our table was unoccupied.

And finally, check out this piece of cardboard that served as part of the packaging for a frozen pizza we recently ate at the TNR HQ. I think it's the Virgin Mary.


luke enns said...

ya, an alien virgin mary.

Anonymous said...

Does the Secretary have wood?

The Dark Lord said...

No, Anonymous, I think that's just an imaginary projection on your part. Funny how we often see what we want to see. You might consider heading over to the ABES site to find what you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

The question was rhetorical. Adorned in boxer shorts, hips thrust forward to a shutterbug eager to capture the moment. To get that angle, the photographer must have been on his knees. No imagination required for a posed photo selected for its homoerotic emphasis.

The Dark Lord said...

Fair enough. But why the anonymous posting?