Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Notes on Wool Care

Just passing on a note from our friend at Cima Coppi on caring for your new wool jersey:

"1. Please follow the tagged care instructions. Hand wash cold. You probably will find you can wear the jerseys about 14 times before they need washing, cause wool doesn't get stinky like poly/synthetics. Use little soap. No need to scrub them. Lay flat to dry.

2. They will shrink a little if you wash by hand as was explained. If you put them in hot water or the dryer, they will shrink significantly, so you should not do this.

3. The backing paper around the stitching will soften and it's best left in unless it's bothersome. It can be torn out carefully at no harm to the jersey, unless you rip out stitches. If you're careful that won't happen.

4. Keep in mind, they are all handmade by me, so each jersey will be unique. Swap jerseys around until everyone is satisfied with their size (although there isn't much noticeable difference). All the sizes are marked on the neck tag, and the custom length ones are noted as well."


JP said...

Mark- Thanks again so much for your work on the jerseys and for making this hsppen!!

the secretary said...

14 wears? I wasn't really planning on taking mine off...

g said...

That's only 1 wear then...right???

These things are super sweet. The sweeterest. Thanks Mark. Who else had a hand in this one?? What's the name of the place we got them from??

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. Also deserving of thanks is Andrea for the great design work as well as the dark lord for helping mail down the details. These were made in Vancouver by a great gent named lawrence. His company is called Cima Coppi.

Tom K said...

Mark - They are super awesome jerseys - well done!

FYI Folks, I have the jerseys and will bring them to the next TNR and they will also be at my place next weekend (HQ for the 24 of BM - so said the vote last ngt - time to fill the BBQ tanks!).

Here's the ones I have (all paid for):
1. Chris - L
2. Adam - Med
3. LeAnn - Ws Med
4. Terry - XL
5+6. Dave P. - XXL/Twila Ws Sml
7. Tim L. - L
8. Jonathon N. - XL
9. Olli - Med +2 Inches
10. Kim - Ws Med
11. John B. - L

If you want to make pickup plans contact me via ""

LeAnn said...

Thanks Tom. Chris can you bring mine home?