Wednesday, February 01, 2012

TNR Report

Last night was the fourth race in the nordic cross series. We kicked off the evening by meeting Lyle under the Maryland bridge, where he produced a pellet gun from his ski bag. The rules were simple - hit a paint can in one shot, get a 2-minute head start. In two shots - one minute. It turned out to be trickier than one might expect, and only Graham, Luke and Vic managed to hit the can.

After the shootout, everyone raced to four menno landmarks around the city, and ended up at Lyle's place where a bonfire, dogfest and wine awaited. Most people rolled in at the same time, but a few seemed to get lost on the way...

We had the good fortune of being joined by Colin and Tomek as well. It was Tomek's birthday, and he lit a birthday smoke much like mongo does in Blazing Saddles.

After warming up, the second half of the race started: a sprint to the club house with a concluding beer sprint, though we ensured there was no trickery involving unlocked bikes this time.

In the end, we averaged the finishing order from Lyle's place with the beer sprint results, added points bonuses for marksmanship, and Lyle applied a surprise penalty to those who left their lights on outside as a demonstration of bad form.

The final results were:

CommunionCat Results

Craig 25
Graham 22
Vic 20
JP 19
Chris 18
Luke 16
Jonny G 15
Brandon 14
Tom 13
Brad 12
Mark 11
Lyle 10
Colin 9
Tomek 8
Darryl 7

Overall Standings after 4 races

Chris 83
Mark 77
Jonny G 73
JP 68
Graham 61
Vic 52
Lyle 51
Craig 48
Darryl 48
Luke 46
KK 25
Andrea 18
Brad 17
Dave E 15
Brandon 14
Kelly 14
Tom 13
Daniel 12
Vanessa 11
Colin 9
Penner 8
Tomek 8
Bill 7


luke enns said...

how did i end up mid pack in the overall standings? sweetness.
thanks for the race guys.

Anonymous said...

You can thank your shooting bonus for that one.

The Dark Lord said...

Down by the river,
I shot . . . some snow

Good times!

g said...

great times.

Tom K said...

Guns, Bread & Wine, Dogs & Beer - twas awesome! Thanks to the Hipster and the Friendly Giant.

Yah, my navigation & enroute anger management skills (I also hate Escalades Brad!) were lacking last night ... thanks for not calling by SAR buddies on me!