Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TNR...let's ride.

There is much to celebrate this evening. Fresh snow, double digits until the spring ride, beautiful black wool, and general super happy fun times.

The DL will be absent this evening. (The last time this happened we had a ricockulously fun ride.)

I suggest that we meet at the regular spot (the dark lord's front yard) at the regular time (NK drive club could bring bikes in a truck) and proceed from there into the woods and drifts and rivers and whatever.

Then off to the Klubhaus for Wool and re-hydration.


Brad the Impaler said...

Sounds like a superb plan.

g said...

It would be nothing without you.

Anonymous said...

I plan to meet at the Klubhaus. No questions asked.

Tom K said...

I will see you at the klubhaus also ... avec Wool! :-)

Kim said...

I can't come get my wool tonight but if someone shows up who is easy for me to connect with... i.e. Colin or Andrea please send mine home with him/her accordingly.

KK said...

Go Jets Go!

I'll try to get to the Forks after the game, but don't wait for me. I can try the SOB on his mobile.

g said...

We are heading to the Dr.'s for the start. Front yard.

We may find you first.

be afraid.