Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another Prize in the Pool

Aaron Check of Happy Fun Racing has generously donated another prize for the 2012 FGBC TdF Pool--a free entry to their mtb race on July 29. The winner now gets to choose between the sweetest socks in the world and what some have called the sweetest trails in our fine province. Second place gets whichever prize is left over. If this should end up in the hands of someone living in Virginia or North Carolina, or anyone else who isn't going to do the race, it will just get passed down until it is grabbed by someone who will actually use it. The socks, however, will be mailed if necessary.

Actually, I think there is another team called Happy Fun Racing in Raleigh. So in case the NC folks are confused, this one is based in Brandon, MB.

Thanks Aaron!

If anyone else out there wishes to donate a prize, I'm sure we could accommodate your desire.

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