Friday, June 29, 2012

TdF Pool Watch Update

[Update - 11:31 pm] Last update before bed time. Rhonda, Graham, Karen, Stewart, and Sam bring the total to 55. There are lots of vicarious racing rookies in this pool. We will get around to the hazing discussion later. More importantly, where is the rest of the Dark Side?

[Update - 10:55 pm] We have reached 50, thanks to David, Jenna, Daniel, Jay, Phillip, Cindy, and Andrea.

Just got back from supper at the Half Moon drive-in. If not the perfect pre-TdF meal, a Saturn burger and fries is surely high on the list.

Eleven more teams since the last update: Chris, Elisha, Catherine, Todd, Leonie, Jonny G, Randy, Daniel, Charlene, Val, and Andy are in the pool. That brings us to 43. See the full list below.

Less than 9 hours to go!

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