Wednesday, November 07, 2012

CX Pool Roundup

It was a busy weekend. There were eight races spread across five different locations. It's a miracle that we were able to get caught up at all, really.

The big winner of the weekend was our very own VP Style, otherwise known as Tony H and occasionally referred to simply as Matt. When it started, Matt was languishing in 11th place, almost 900 points behind JP. By the time he was finished going ballistic in Cincinnati, he'd moved up to second and is now sitting just 65 points off the overall lead. Dare to dream, boys and girls. Dare to dream.

There was also a change at the other end of the standings. Marcus seemed well on his way to keeping the lanterne rouge all to himself. Four year olds, they don't always understand that there are some things that are best given away to others. But by the end of the weekend, Bill had gently bumped Marcus out of his spot at the very bottom of the overall standings. And this despite winning two out of the eight races. Always looking out for the little ones, that Bill. Good thing the world isn't filled with people like him. There'd be nobody left to hate.

Individual race results and overall standings here.

Up next: the USGP is in Louisville for a test-run of the worlds course. A handful of the European women flew over for the experience. It should be fun to watch. Check back for live streaming options.

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