Friday, November 02, 2012

Vicarious Koppenbergcross

Nov. 1 is a holiday in Belgium. What better way to honour all the saints than by racing cyclocross? Judging by the number of empty beer cups littering the course, it seems like everyone had a good time. It also helped that the conditions were perfect. All the mud made for brutal back-breaking climbs and wild white-knuckled descents. Perfect conditions, in other words, for Sven Nys to remind everyone that he is still the alpha dog when it comes to racing in the mud. Watch him make Neils Albert look like a little boy on the last lap. Helen Wyman also excels when the conditions are nasty. She continued her hot start to the season by taking a big win in her hometown race. Sadly, there was no video coverage of the women's race.

Chris O won the vicarious race. He had 370 points thanks to Nys, Page, Harris, and Kupfernagel. Gentle Ben was second with 315 points. And Lyle had 260 points to finish on the final step of the podium.

JP continues to lead the overall race. With 3300 points, he leads Anna by exactly 100 points. Peter is another 400 points behind Anna. But he better not look back. King Andy is lurking right behind him and ready to remind all of us who is the alpha dog when it comes to vicarious racing.

Full results and overall standings here.

Up next: the three day cx festival in Cincinnati begins tonight.

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