Friday, November 09, 2012

Nordic Cross 2012-13

Did someone say something about snow? That can only mean one thing: Nordic Cross is just around the corner. We will start soon. Possibly as early as Sunday afternoon.

We don't exactly have a full calendar just yet. And it's entirely possible that we never will. But we have made a few decisions about the upcoming season. This year we will return to our roots. That means at least two things:

1) More cyclocross races in the snow, fewer alley cats on frozen streets.

2) More Sunday afternoon/evening races, fewer races on Tuesday nights.

3) Hopefully it also means more Poosher.

We will stick with one principle that was adopted last year, however. Fat bikes will be heavily penalized. Maybe an extra lap. Or we might send you to do run-ups at garbage hill. Those bikes do have a place. But that place is not Nordic Cross.

Stay tuned for more information, boys and girls. This winter is going to be a lot of fun.

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